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SHAILESH FOUNDATION is an International Non Profitable Organization established in 2014 by Mr. MANOJ BAROT behind his late brother







(July13, 1964 - December 23, 2013). 














  • Family Unity through community services

  • To sponsor 101 polio surgeries by December 23, 2015

  • To raise enough capital funds which will be kept as Fixed Deposit in the bank and the annual interest will be given to hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers

  • To eradicate polio completely and make the world Polio Free so no child suffers without walking

Late Mr. Shailesh Ghanshyambhai Barot was born on July13, 1964 in the city of Vadodara, India. His Mother's name was Mrs. Urmila Barot.

He never finished his graduation from any university but was a street savvy and was a smart business man.

He always believed in family unity and also belived in helping the polio affected people and loved his life being helpful and very religious person. 

About us .......

Shailesh Foundation was established on 23rd December, 2015 behind Late. Mr. Shailesh Barot. The foundation will work closely with rendering the services in the field of polio treatment, education, rehabilitation for the under privileged people.


Shailesh Foundation's main cause would be



The Story


Shailesh Foundation is basically involved in helping the polio affected people. In this busy world we do not have enough time to spare and help someone. “To be blessed” means “to be favored by God.” Blessings are only obtained when we do something good for anyone and it is only our parents who bless their children without any conditions. Same way Shailesh used to give blessings and help us receive blessings from the poor and unprivileged. On your birthday Shailesh would not give you a call and say Happy Birthday, instead he would help you receive blessings from a polio affected child and his family by sponsoring a polio surgery on your behalf. This is what he has done in his life without propagating it. It is through “Narayan Seva Sansthan” from where we came to know that Shailesh has been doing this noble cause since so long. And now as he is not present among us we would like to keep his dream alive in his name and here Shailesh Foundation takes birth.

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